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various video tape formats including VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, MiniDV


We offer high quality digitizing for video8, Hi8, VHS-C, VHS, Digital8 and MiniDV tapes. Bring a new life to your old box of film and properly preserve your home movies. Once digitized enjoy your films on your smart phone, tablet, computer or television. Make copies for safe keeping or to share with family and friends. Video tapes were not designed to last forever. The film will actually start to deteriorate with age, and film stored improperly will deteriorate at a much faster rate. We encourage everyone to digitize all of their analog media to properly preserve your family history for future generations.

As film reels and projectors started to become a thing of the past, the 1980's brought a new wave of camcorders that record on to a video cassette instead of a film reel. Video tape style camcorders dominated the consumer market until the mid 2000's eventually being replaced by digital video cameras. From VHS-C to MiniDV video tapes, we can digitize them all!


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