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We offer high quality film scanning for prints, negatives and slides. Bring a new life to your old box of film and properly preserve your legacy. Once digitized enjoy your analog media on your smart phone, tablet, computer or television. Make copies for safe keeping, share with family and friends or print larger than ever before!  35mm film was not designed to last forever. The film will actually start to deteriorate with age, and film stored improperly will deteriorate at a much faster rate. We encourage everyone to digitize all of their analog media to properly preserve your family history for future generations.

If you were born before the year 2000 than you have had some portion of your life captured with a 35mm SLR film camera. A photo taken in 1950 with proper composition, exposure and focus can rival a photograph taken today on a full frame digital camera. Thanks to modern day film scanning technology, your photos will be sharper than ever before. Our high quality scans also allow for much sharper and larger prints! 


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Digitized SAMPLES

Post Processing

A digitized family photo from 1960's


An edit digitized photo from 1960's


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