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Probably transferring film, editing, playing guitar or watching camera reviews on YouTube. 

We are a husband and wife team based out of the thumb of Michigan. We live in a small tourist town that sits on Lake Huron. Aside from our film transfer service Vintage Archives, we run a well established wedding videography company Sight & Sound. Wedding filmmaking has taken us all around the country as well as every corner of our incredible home state of Michigan. This film transfer venture all started a few years ago when we wanted to preserve our own home movies that we filmed as kids on VHS  style camcorders. Once we finished up with our home movies we moved onto to our grandparents 8mm & Super 8 film. We are video enthusiasts and seeing these old films brought back to life had us hooked.  After transferring film for all of our friends and family we started to digitize film for our past clients from our wedding videography company. We then decided to create Vintage Archives and officially open up our services to the public. Fast forward to today and we have digitized hundreds of hours of film and we are extremely grateful for our clients trust in us and we are excited to continue preserving history for future generations.



Probably transferring film, editing, cooking an elaborate meal or planning our next adventure.

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