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We offer high quality 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm digitizing. Bring a new life to your old box of film and properly preserve your home movies. Once digitized enjoy your films on your smart phone, tablet, computer or television. Make copies for safe keeping or to share with family and friends. 8mm & Super 8 film was not designed to last forever. The film will actually start to deteriorate with age and film stored improperly will deteriorate at a much faster rate. We encourage everyone to digitize all of their analog media to properly preserve for future generations.

In 1932 Kodak introduced the very first 8mm movie camera for the consumer market. By the 1950's 8mm movie cameras were a common sight on vacations at family gatherings and special events. Every camera manufacturer started introducing their own iterations of an 8mm movie camera. In 1965 came Super 8, a more convenient and affordable format making it more accessible to families all across the country. In the 1970's  Super 8 film was made with a magnetic strip along the film allowing for audio recording capabilities. The 1980's brought a new wave of camera technology and Super 8 became less prevalent in the consumer market. Although, Super 8 has always had a place in the prosumer market because of its artistic filmic look that is hard to reproduce with digital cameras today.

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