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This image contains various forms of analog media including VHS tapes, Video Tapes, Super 8 Film and slides. A flash drive front and center to signify that we converted everything to digital.



Super 8 and Regular 8 Film Reels


8mm | Super 8 | 16mm

Various forms of Video Tapes including VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 and MiniDV


Video8 | Hi8 | VHS-C | VHS | Digital8 | MiniDV

Audio Cassette, Microphone, Headphones, Reel to Reel


Audio Cassette | Vinyl

Canon 35mm camera, slides & film with a film digitizing tray from the plustek optic film scanner


Prints | Slides | Negatives

Digitized SAMPLES

We are a Michigan based film transfer service. Specializing in digitizing all forms of analog media. We want to encourage everyone to properly preserve that box of film that has been sitting for years. Film deteriorates with age and digitizing is a necessity if you want to properly preserve your analog media. Enjoy your home movies like never before. Watch your films on your smart phone, tablet, computer or television without having to get out your projector or VCR. With a click of a button you and your family can sit around and enjoy your films from throughout the years. Transferring your media should be handled by a company that you trust. Owners Vanessa & Darryl have been full time freelance wedding filmmakers and archivists in Michigan for the last 8 years . Trusted by hundreds of families across Michigan and the United States. We have a passion for all things film and video and if you think we are a good fit,  send us an email. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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